"All You Need is Love" tattoo

At Two in Ten we believe in a thing called ‘Productive Procrastination’.  That means trying to make your down-time work a little harder for you.  Instead of spending two hours scrolling through old social media posts or trying to best our high-score on Candy Crush, we try to use our down-time to play in weird and wonderful spaces that keep our creativity going.  For a while, Dottinghill was a common go-to for procrastinating.  Dottinghill is a site that allows users to design and upload their own tattoos, which then getting voted on, and those selected are put up for sale.  There are four designs on there designed by Heather – but the ‘All You Need It Love’ was a best seller for a while, so we’ll showcase that one here.  We also have a design on Spoonflower, and some on Society6, and we’re working on some other user-gen design stuff.  If you want a list of good productive procrastination spaces, send us a note!  We’ve got lots.


"All You Need Is Love" temporary tattoo

Like the title (and The Beatles) suggest, All You Need Is Love. This hand-drawn cursive design temporary tattoo, with a little twist, is the perfect compliment to a wrist or inner arm. Classic, simple.  

3-pack: 1" x 2.5" ea.

$3.00 USD