Pump Jockeys is one of those ideas that we had to let go – even though it pained us greatly to do so.  When we started developing the idea for a mobile gas-filling company, no one was doing it, but within a few months we began seeing new competitors (with Silicon Valley funding) pop-up.  Check out Filld, Yoshi, WeFuel, and Purple.  We still like our name and logo and overall brand identity more than any of the others we’ve seen.  The interesting thing will be seeing if the competitors are able to make the business work.  As much as we loved the idea (and as much as we hate pumping gas), the numbers never really balanced.  The gas business is not a high margin business – which explains why gas stations are constantly adding services and more elaborate retail offerings.  We hope someone can make the financials add up, because we reallllly hate getting gas.


Feature 1

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