When Sean was teaching his kids to ski – he struggled.  Holding the kids between his legs killed his back, but when he looked for something to help him, everything was overly complicated, and cumbersome, and most of the harnesses on the market actually taught bad ski form!  So, like any good inventor, Sean took to the garage and made something for himself.  And it’s awesome.  He also came up with the name, and the logo.  Slope Ropes.  Catchy, right?  Slope Ropes has been a 101 in product development.  We’ve gone from manufacturing ourselves in a Bay Street condo, to a local contract manufacturer, to outsourcing overseas.  We’ve imported parts (via the truck lane at border crossing in Buffalo).   We’ve gone to consumer tradeshows and wholesale tradeshows, and now we have a distributor. We’ve sold on Shopify and Amazon, and we’re in a bunch of local ski shops.  We’ve done marketing and PR and product sampling and we have a killer Instagram strategy.  Slope Ropes has been our MBA.  It’s Sean’s baby, and it is something we’re insanely proud of.  The testimonials we get for this product make our hearts full.  For real.


Slope Ropes | The easiest way kids learn to ski.

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Slope Ropes ski trainer

It's time to have fun teaching your kids to ski. No more sore backs, stressful days, complicated harnesses, cumbersome reins, and demeaning leashes. Whether you are in tow-mode, or go-mode, Slope Ropes are a colorful, fun and elegantly simple piece of gear that keeps your child safe, happy and in-control down the steepest of slopes. And then it helps you easily whisk them across the flats and back to the lift for another run. Slope Ropes. By far, hands down, the easiest way kids learn to ski. Available in the following colors:

  • Orange/Blue
  • Purple/Pink
  • Yellow/Green

$29.99 USD,  $34.99 CAD